How to make a Pokemon card- The SUPER easy way

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This is how to make a card VERY easily. (Cards made can only be saved as .bmp)

Step 1- Download the program from this link- http://sandbox.yoyogames.com/games/75139-pokemon-card-maker

Step 2- Follow the instructions on this video link- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cX_qGZ2j7ns

Card I Made


How to Make a Pokemon Card- The Easy Way

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This is how to make a Pokemon card easily! No Photoshop or Gimp knowledge required.

Step 1-Download the blanks. from http://pokemonresource.wikinet.org/wiki/Main_Page or http://pokemoncardresources.deviantart.com/?offset=10. 

Step 2- Download the font Gill sans condensed or Futura.

Step 3- Go to the website http://tradingcardmaker.net/#parody-lv-x-pokemon-card-maker.

Step 4- Click on “Edit Blanks”.(In top left hand corner.)

Step 5- Click ” Add a Blank” and choose one of the blanks you downloaded

Step 6-  Go back and click on the blank thumbnail.te

Step 7- Click on the old picute then press “Select” and choose a new pic.

Step 8- Click the text that says “Sonichu”. Change the name and remove the level X and click customize. Click on the “F” button and change the font to Gills Sans Condensed or Futura and change the size to one that looks big enough.

Card I made

Step 9- Do the same for the attacks, HP, Etc. Change the symbols too. For the description use the font Times New Roman Italic.

How to make a Pokemon card- The Hard Way

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This is a guide to making Pokemon cards. You will need some knowledge in using Gimp or Photoshop.

To start making cards you need to download Gimp( free, Gimp.org) or Photoshop( not free). You also need to go to this website to download templates( or blanks) , fonts, and symbols.  http://pokemonresource.wikinet.org/wiki/Blanks and http://pokemoncardresources.deviantart.com/?offset=10. You also need pictures of the pokemon for the card. I will be making a Pikachu card.

Step 1- Open up Gimp or Photoshop (Make sure you get the blanks, fonts, symbols, and pictures of the Pokemon.)

Step 2- Open up  the blank.(File-Open) For my card I will need a lightning type blank. ( link to blank- http://pokemonresource.wikinet.org/w/images/pokemonresource/uploads/e/ee/BW_Basic_Lightning.png)

Step 3- Open up a picture of the Pokemon (File-Open Too layers Something like that) 

Step 4- Open up symbols. Hide the layer for now.

Step 5- Look up a pokemon card for reference. (Card link- http://pkmncards.com/wp-content/uploads/pikachu-next-destinies-nde-39.jpg ) Type the name of the Pokemon using the Gill Sans Condensed Bold Font.

Step 6- Put the attacks using Gill Sans Condensed Bold. Remember to keep refering to the official Pokemon card.

Step 7- Show to symbol layers now. Put it at the top of the layers. Copy an energy for your attacks,HP, and Damage and place it correctly-Refer to official pokemon card-. (link to symbols-http://aschefield101.deviantart.com/art/BW-Symbols-Sheet-v2-290504341  )

Step 8- Use the font lucida sans italic or times new roman italic for the description.

Step 9- Add anything that you might have missed like weakness and reatreat cost and your done! Save your card then show it off!

P.S- I will post my finished card soon!


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